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How does Analytisense collect traffic data? Analytisense collects traffic data from various sources, such as cameras, radars, and Bluetooth sensors, which are integrated into the platform for real-time analysis or by manually uploading temporary data sets.

Can Analytisense help reduce traffic congestion? Yes, Analytisense provides intelligent traffic insights that can help optimize traffic management strategies and reduce congestion in road networks.

Is Analytisense suitable for both transport authorities and traffic management engineers? Yes, Analytisense is designed to cater to the needs of transport authorities, traffic management engineers, and managers, providing them with comprehensive tools for effective decision-making.

How can Analytisense enhance safety and security? Analytisense offers advanced traffic monitoring capabilities, allowing users to enhance safety and security by monitoring and analyzing traffic conditions in real time.

Is Analytisense offered only as a cloud platform? Analytisense can be installed in the cloud or on-premises.

What is the price of Analytisense? Analytisense is customizable and offers a flexible pricing scheme based on modules and the number of connected sensors. Contact us for more information.

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